I recently joined BNI, about 3 months back, so it's still early days for me. My category is Leadership Coaching and Training. A few weeks ago I was able to complete my first business transaction through the network. I was connected to Ms Sheetal, another chapter member, who had a training requirement in an area outside where she provides her services. We spoke on the phone and I agreed to take the job forward. I met the client, agreed on the training agenda and eventually delivered the training program, after travelling to Kochi. I received the payment promptly as well. Now this may not seem like a very uncommon business transaction, but I wanted to highlight this because I have never met Ms. Sheetal in person. We only spoke on the phone, and established a strong feeling of mutual trust very early. Our entire business was conducted without ever having met in person. That shows the power and credibility of the BNI network. This might seem an ordinary story to many, but to me, it highlights the ability to make quick trustworthy connections and do business. It also highlights the huge opportunity out there. As I said earlier, it is still early days, but I have completely brought in to their premise, and am raring to make more meaningful relationships within BNI.
Harsh Johari
BNI Bangalore | BNI Legacy

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