”BNI has changed the way I do my business, by not just giving me a wide reach and connections but also, the ability to build and nurture my network through various training programs”.

Before BNI, my business was limited to a small group. Today, I am proud to say that 85% of my business comes from BNI. Efficient systems and processes of BNI have helped me establish trust and relationship with members Which, has resulted in exponential business growth. My passion as a Business Consultant is to help entrepreneurs have a stress-free life. And BNI is helping me do that.

R Subramanya CFPCM

- Founder, Abundance,Financial Planner by qualification and a Business Consultant by profession Member for 5 years.

BNI has increased my contact sphere’s to over 3000 plus in the last 5 years. All the 1600 seasoned members in BNI Bangalore knows me by my name :) There are four ways BNI has impacted my life.

  • Personality Development (from a proprietor to a 3 member leadership team)
  • Comrade of Friends
  • Trusted Vendors
  • Business Growth (from India and across the globe with thanks to BNI Connect)
Cannot imagine a life without BNI now :)

P Ramesh Chander

- Founder & CEO ­ Rixyncs India Inc, Member for 5 years plus

BNI has brought in a thorough professionalism to my personality. Today I have a clear vision for my company, a clear goal set up for my life.

There have been clearly two phases in my life - Before joining BNI & After joining BNI. Yes, indeed BNI has changed my business strategy, my outlook, my vision, my entire life. Today, i cannot imagine my life, myself without BNI.

Before joining BNI, I had only visiting cards to promote my business. Today my CLAYNEST is a registered company, having its own logo-with registration, an elaborate and exclusive brochure design for itself n many more. We have tied up with 30+ artists and very soon will be exporting our artworks to other countries.

I am proud to say that we are getting 70% of business through BNI.


Nagaraja.R Fine artist (Sculptor)

- Founder of Clay nest, Member for 4.6 years.

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